Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Day In The Life Of My Mouth

Time/ Where I am / Who I'm With: 6:30 am kitchen alone. What i'm putting in my mouth:  Pepperidge farm original toast with land o lakes butter. Hot tea with cream and sugar.
 How i'm feeling before/during/after: Hungry, satisfied, full. Why did I choose that? Did not want eggs
Time/ Where I am / Who I'm With: 10;15am dining room alone.What i'm putting in my mouth:
Yoplait original french vanilla yogurt. How i'm feeling before/during/after: still hungry, satisfied, need something crunchy. Why did I choose that? Quick and easy tastes like a treat

Time/ Where I am / Who I'm With:1:00 pm kitchen alone. What i'm putting in my  mouth: peanut butter & jelly sandwich; Jif creamy peanut butter and Welch's grape jelly on pepperidge farm original bread. Glass of crystal light lemonade.  How i'm feeling before/during/after:Not really hungry, did not finish sandwich.Why did I choose that? Lunch foods that I had.
Time/ Where I am / Who I'm With: 3:00 den alone What i'm putting in my mouth: two mini bags of whole wheat fig newtons cookies. How i'm feeling before/during/after: Have the munchies, just eating, a bit stuffed. Why did I choose that? needed something sweet.

Time/ Where I am / Who I'm With: 5:15 pm going out to dinner with family  What i'm putting in my mouth: Jack Daniels sampler and iced tea @ TGI Fridays  How i'm feeling before/during/after: very very satisfied, very happy and full. Why did I choose that? Its my favorite dinner.

It looks like I like to munch on a variety of things. I seem to eat when I want and what I want, although I don't eat alot of something; usually. I am happy with my breakfast and dinner choices, I should have had an egg for breakfast with my toast. And I never have regrets over TGI Fridays dinner. I should have had a peach instead of the cookies; but I would still be craving something sweet, so I would have then eaten the cookies and the peach! So I guess I would not have changed anything. I guess thtas ok as I am not on a diet.


  1. Hi Cindy,

    Would you say this is a typical day for you in terms of how you ate? For example you mention that you had the toast as you 'didn't want eggs'. Would you normally have eggs?

    Also, please see comments/questions in your other postings.

    1. Yes this would be a typical day. I would normally have an egg with my toast. But I did not have any cereal or other breakfast items to choose from; and just did not feel like having an egg. We do usually go out to dinner once a week.
      I did notice and replied to your other comment in another post. Thanks Cindy

  2. Also, how would you describe your approach to eating and making food/snack choices? Are you happy with your current approach, why/why not?

  3. I have to be very aware and conscious of what I choose to eat. Even at that I tend to go the way of "junk food" rather than healthy protein snacks. I am obviously lacking in self-discipline when it comes to the choices I make. So, I am not happy with my approach to eating and making the right choices. Those cookies just have my name written all over them. I would rather choose the better snack as I know it is the best choice for me. I keep trying.