Monday, June 25, 2012

A Tale of Two Snackers

A Day with Lily (ordinary snacks)

Lily is an ordinary 23 year old woman who has very fashionable looks, hair and clothes. Flaming red hair and a super thin body. Her life is very busy always running from one modeling assignment to another. Lily for the most part is always full of energy, but that energy does not last long. She is a very happy care-free person.  Her life is so busy she really does not have the time to think about what she eats or when she eats.
Waking up very early Lily had to be at a job in one hour. She had to shower, do her hair and make-up, get dressed and walk the dog. Oh and she had to eat something, anything. With 10 minutes to spare she grabs a diet coke and a brown sugar cinnamon pop tart, thinking this will hold her for hours. Quickly eating Lily rushes out the door to hail a cab; with none in sight she has to walk the 10 blocks to her job

    It’s near noon; she has two more hours left at this assignment. Lily has not had anything more to eat sense breakfast. Lily is not at her best today, she just does not seem to have any energy to perform well. She grabs a small iceberg lettuce salad and hopes that it will tide her over till dinner.

  Lily is worn-out by 2:00, she knows she did not do as well as she could of today and hopes they will call her back.  She is famished and decides to have a nice steak and potato dinner with a chocolate cake for desert . She knows she should not because of the calories, but she is so hungry.  Poor Lily ending up over-eating; and all of the wrong foods. Maybe she will do better tomorrow she is just not sure. She really hopes so as there is another woman named Judy just waiting to fill her shoes.

Judy’s Story (Protein-based)

Judy is a 20 year old aspiring model, beautiful, tall, boundless energy just waiting for her big chance.  She arrived at the modeling audition at 6:00 that morning, having risen at 4:30 she had plenty of time to shower, dress and have a small bacon, egg and toast breakfast.  She made sure she did not eat too much, just enough; as the assignment was to model a swimsuit, and she knew there would be competition.

She arrived with 15 minutes to spare. She quickly changed into the swimsuit that was laid out for her. She was so glad that she had a good breakfast, as this was going to be a long day.  She would not have to worry about grabbing a snack to ease a grumbling stomach until lunch time.  Judy thought ahead and brought a Special K protein bar so she could avoid the vending machines.

She wore a one piece red swimsuit that she felt very confident in. There were a few women there for the same job, one woman in a purple swimsuit who also looked wonderful. But Judy was very poised and sure of herself. There was a woman there with flaming red hair, but she looked very tired and rushed, so she did not worry about her.  
  Finally the time came for Judy to audition for the swimsuit assignment.  She knew she did well, the girl with the flaming red hair had left, and it was just her and two others left.  It was 12:30 and Judy knew she should have that protein bar she brought with her. As she waited to find out if she would be hired she had her protein bar and patiently waited. If she had to try out again she knew she had plenty of energy to do so. The day went slow and finally Judy was called up, this was it she did everything right today from her hair to what she ate. It all paid off and Judy was hired for the swimsuit assignment. She feels so good about all the choices she made and will continue to make.


  1. Hi Cindy,
    Thanks for creating these interesting characters. I wonder if there is one who you identify with? Why or why not?

    1. I identify with both characters, torn down the middle. I strive to eat the healthy choices but I am drawn to the sweet goodness of "junk food".