Thursday, June 21, 2012

Life without snacking

I am already in despair. No snacks, nothing. Just the thought makes me feel deprived. I will have to make very filling meals pasta, mealoaf etc., but I will still be deprived. Maybe we will go out to dinner for two nights, a late dinner so I don't have to think about snacks till morning. I am addicted to snacks more than I knew. Two days without doublestuff oreos; I am going to die. My days are going to be so very long with no treats.

Dear brand new unopened box of cheez-its . I was planning on opening you tomorrow at the latest, I am sorry that I will not be able to devour your cheesy contents for TWO DAYS!

Its finally Saturday, two days of snack deprivation is over. I have rewarded myself with four Doublestuff Oreos by 9:30. I really did not think I was going to make it.

Time/Where I am/What I am doing
* After breakfast 2 hours before lunch, thinking about a nice snack
* Around 1:00pm, just came in from outside, going to take a nice hot bath.
* Its 7 pm, watching TV in the living room.
* Its 11 am, at the grocery store, not buying snacks.
* 7 am, kitchen, doing dishes
* 3 pm, in the kitchen preparing meatballs for dinner.
* 8pm, watching tv, in the living room.
How I'm feeling/what I need want
* feel good but I really want a snack
* I feel hot and would like to have a nice bowl of ice cream.
*  really feel deprived, I don't need to diet, I deserve a treat
*  Seeing alot of treats at the store, what will-power I must have (as it will be short-lived)
* I feel like its going to be a long day, I want this to be over soon.
* I feel annoyed at myself for putting so much thought into snacks.
* This is hardest when your watching tv or something similar and want to munch on something.
What do I do/ Eat instead of snacking? Why? How does it compare? If nothing why?
* I did more gardening than usual as it is an active way to spend time. I was so busy that snacking was not something I was thinking about.
* Doing more knitting than usual. I might finally finish this scarf, definitely keeps my hands busy and not in the chip bag.

* Working alot on a crocheted blanket for a christmas present, like knitting it keeps my hands busy.

*Doing more garedening but I really am building up an appetite. Good thing were having meatballs for dinner tonight,

* Doing quite a bit of reading, Just ordered two new books on Amazon, not sure if this was do to lack of snacking but I am pretty sure it was.

How do you feel without snacking? Describe the difference physically and emotionally.

*Snacking sometimes feels like wanting something just because its there. I am annoyed that I feel physically great, I don't need to have a snack but I need to have one. Emotionally my mind keeps telling me to get something sweet to eat and I don't know why. I never realized the emotional pull my mind has regarding food and snacking. Physically I have eaten what my body needs, why does it ask for more?
I am thinking that if I were allowed to have a snack I would want something rich and wonderful, not just plain popcorn (the "allowed" snack). So it can't be just the idea of putting something in your mouth. It has to be something deeper but I do not know what that is. Without snacking I feel like my appetite has increased. I know this is just an emotional response to being deprived. I feel like a kid being told no and not really understanding why.

A:  Who's idea was it that we should have only 3 square meals a day? Snacking keeps my energy up between meals. It keeps me from feeling hungry and deprived.  A "good" snack such as cottage cheese is great, I love it, but sometimes it has to be something rich and chocolate. I feel so cheated if I can't have the snack I want.

B:  I really miss Doublestuff Oreos, cheese nips, special k vanilla crisp bars and ice cream. They made me feel good inside, if only for a short time. I know I was "a bit" grumpy without my snacks, and I was a bit short with people; not good, and that was in just two days. I did not like feeling this way, its not like me at all.

C:  I reach for protein bars, peanut butter and yogurt when I want a protein snack. I have not found anything that would replace them. They seem to give me energy which I can't get from cookies and ice cream.

D:  Peanut butter is my favorite protein snack. I can eat it in a variety of ways on crackers, in protein bars on a sandwich. Its always there for me - a jar is always in the cabinet waiting for my visit. it never disappoints me I never have to look for it.


  1. Hi Cindy,
    Are there specific products or brands of protein snacks that you use? You mention the protein bars?

  2. Hi
    Yes I tend to like these three the most, Clif bars, Special K and Kaishi.


  3. Thanks. And when do you tend to turn to protein snacks? What's going on in your day and why do you want protein snacks then?

    Are all protein snacks interchangeable, or are there different occasions for peanut butter, Clif bars, cottage cheese...?

  4. I really try to go for a protein snack if I am going to miss a meal, and I really think about the fact that I should really eat something with protein. When I have not eaten breakfast and/or lunch my body seems to crave something with protein.

    Convenience and texture are the basis for interchangeable snacks for me. I really don't reach for one protein snack over the other regarding occasions. If I want something crunchy I will go towards a protein bar; if I am craving a softer creamer snack I will have cottage cheese or peanut butter.