Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Product Blog Review

Option # 1:

In today’s busy world we here at Oscar Mayer know what you need New Oscar Mayer (GRILLERS).  A ready to eat refrigerated snack with delectable marinated grilled chicken and a savory dipping sauce with 17 grams of protein
Lean grilled meat – high in protein, low in fat - grilled chicken breast without the hassle of the grill is among the healthiest food options you can choose.   Make eating right even easier with this on the go protein solution for busy families. Grillers are a delicious and convenient way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, from a company you trust.

1: I would name this new product “Grillers” a simple and to the point name that says it all. (And easy to remember)

 2: & 3: Grillers are great for the whole family and are conveniently located in the refrigerated meat section of your grocery store.

4: & 5: Mouthwatering tender marinated grilled chicken with a savory dipping sauce that will delight your taste buds. Other protein snacks can leave you wanting more with Grillers you feel full and satisfied. Grillers are the perfect choice when you’re looking for a high protein great tasting snack in between meals. 

 6: I don’t know of another product that is similar other than Lunchables which you really can’t compare as they are targeted towards kids only. I think “Grillers” would appeal to both adults and children.

7: Grillers are a snack product that encompasses the healthy benefits of grilled meat, high protein and low fat. Unlike some other protein snacks such as bars that can be dry and bland. Grillers fill a gap in the protein snack area with a product that is not only convenient it also looks and tastes good.

8: Grillers not only satisfies you it also fills you up and gives you energy until your next meal.  Having a snack that not only is good for you but also tastes great takes the burden of trying to find a healthy, filling and protein enriched snack away. Just knowing that you made the right choice for yourself and your family will make your day complete.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Shopping for Protein Snacks

1:  I immediately think of protein bars. Other protein snacks are: Beef jerky, yogurt, nuts, eggs, cheese, tuna and salmon. I call protein snacks “good for you snacks”.

2:  I shop at our local Stop n’ Shop grocery store. They carry a wide range of products; stocking several brands of each.  I can usually find the protein snack that I am looking for.

This is our Stop n' shop grocery store as we are going in.

3:  I am heading to the breakfast protein bar isle first; such as Special K bars, Kashi, Nature Valley and Quaker Oats granola bars. Knowing that they have less protein than protein bars, which usually have double the amount of protein in them; such as clif, Quest and PowerBar.

Quite a selection of breakfast bars to choose from.

I am checking the ingredients on some of the breakfast bars. Looking for the first couple of  ingredients listed.  I am trying to avoid the ones that list sugar or corn syrup first.

I chose the Kashi over some of the others as sugar and corn syrup were not the first ingredients listed. Oats, whey, soy were listed higher than sugar. But all in all there is still a bit of sugar in these bars compared to protein bars, and the protein is only about four grams vs eight to nine grams in protein bars. But these bars are good tasting vs the dry bland taste of most protein bars.

4:  Telephone call

5:  Here we are in the protein bar isle. A massive amount, very overwhelming.  I am going to randomly choose a few and compare ingredients.

This is just a very few of the bars offered. I am really a bit lost trying to choose.

I chose the chocolate Clif Bar as the one I would purchase.  This product would be for myself, as no one else in my house would eat any of them.  I first looked the bars over and my eye went to the ones with the most appealing and bright graphics. (Something to be said for advertising) Most of the bars were seven to nine grams of protein, with the acception of Clif Builders bars which had twenty grams. I did not even consider that one as I am sure it tasted like cardboard, the picture on the package did not look very appetizing (see photo). chocolate Clif Bar's ingredients listed brown rice syrup, soy, toasted oats and rice flour as some of there first ingredients also cocoa, a big plus for me. Others also had some of these ingredients listed but I had to narrow it down and the one with cocoa won. Alot of the ingredients were un-decipherable; you need to be a nutritionist to know what they are and how to pronounce them.

6:  We are now in the cheese snack isle which is combined with all the other cheese.
I am looking for snack cheeses, cheese bites, cheese cubes, string cheese. 

Much less overwhelmed here than in the protein bar isle. I would be choosing this cheese for the whole family, myself, husband and kids. I decided to stay away and from processed cheese and stick to natural cheese.  I chose Cracker Barrel cracker cuts as the one I would purchase. I am very familiar with this brand as I have eaten it sense I was a child. I also like the idea of nice neat already sliced cheese ready to eat. No mess, easy to dole out, and great in a cooler on the go.

7:    Next I went to the refrigerated meat section. 

Again quite a few to look at. I probably would not have looked here when thinking about protein snacks. I tend to forget about meat as protein snacks, I think of them more as a lunch item for a sandwich. Most of the selections were sandwich meats.

I did come across Lunchables, I would consider this more of a protein snack then than all the other lunch meats. I was disappointed that this was really the only choice and it seems
 targeted towards children. But if I had to buy a meat item I would probably choose it.

(I did put links to the brand websites on the items I chose, as I took a look at them.)

While there I just took a quick look at some other protein snacks. Although tuna is more of a lunch item, it could be used as a snack on crackers. There are some good choices out there but not enough.

Leaving Stop n' Shop

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Tale of Two Snackers

A Day with Lily (ordinary snacks)

Lily is an ordinary 23 year old woman who has very fashionable looks, hair and clothes. Flaming red hair and a super thin body. Her life is very busy always running from one modeling assignment to another. Lily for the most part is always full of energy, but that energy does not last long. She is a very happy care-free person.  Her life is so busy she really does not have the time to think about what she eats or when she eats.
Waking up very early Lily had to be at a job in one hour. She had to shower, do her hair and make-up, get dressed and walk the dog. Oh and she had to eat something, anything. With 10 minutes to spare she grabs a diet coke and a brown sugar cinnamon pop tart, thinking this will hold her for hours. Quickly eating Lily rushes out the door to hail a cab; with none in sight she has to walk the 10 blocks to her job

    It’s near noon; she has two more hours left at this assignment. Lily has not had anything more to eat sense breakfast. Lily is not at her best today, she just does not seem to have any energy to perform well. She grabs a small iceberg lettuce salad and hopes that it will tide her over till dinner.

  Lily is worn-out by 2:00, she knows she did not do as well as she could of today and hopes they will call her back.  She is famished and decides to have a nice steak and potato dinner with a chocolate cake for desert . She knows she should not because of the calories, but she is so hungry.  Poor Lily ending up over-eating; and all of the wrong foods. Maybe she will do better tomorrow she is just not sure. She really hopes so as there is another woman named Judy just waiting to fill her shoes.

Judy’s Story (Protein-based)

Judy is a 20 year old aspiring model, beautiful, tall, boundless energy just waiting for her big chance.  She arrived at the modeling audition at 6:00 that morning, having risen at 4:30 she had plenty of time to shower, dress and have a small bacon, egg and toast breakfast.  She made sure she did not eat too much, just enough; as the assignment was to model a swimsuit, and she knew there would be competition.

She arrived with 15 minutes to spare. She quickly changed into the swimsuit that was laid out for her. She was so glad that she had a good breakfast, as this was going to be a long day.  She would not have to worry about grabbing a snack to ease a grumbling stomach until lunch time.  Judy thought ahead and brought a Special K protein bar so she could avoid the vending machines.

She wore a one piece red swimsuit that she felt very confident in. There were a few women there for the same job, one woman in a purple swimsuit who also looked wonderful. But Judy was very poised and sure of herself. There was a woman there with flaming red hair, but she looked very tired and rushed, so she did not worry about her.  
  Finally the time came for Judy to audition for the swimsuit assignment.  She knew she did well, the girl with the flaming red hair had left, and it was just her and two others left.  It was 12:30 and Judy knew she should have that protein bar she brought with her. As she waited to find out if she would be hired she had her protein bar and patiently waited. If she had to try out again she knew she had plenty of energy to do so. The day went slow and finally Judy was called up, this was it she did everything right today from her hair to what she ate. It all paid off and Judy was hired for the swimsuit assignment. She feels so good about all the choices she made and will continue to make.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dear ____, this is your body talking!

 Thank you for all the energy you have. The hours you spend in the garden give me strength. Not to mention your walks on the rail trail two to three times a week. All the running around you do with the kids keeps us pretty fit.
  I know you really try to eat good foods, yogurt, cheeses, protein bars, peanut butter and milk. But you really should try to cut back on the cookies and chips. They are not that good for you in the amounts that you eat. I know you really like Special K protein bars, try having one of those instead of four or five cookies.
  All in all your doing a pretty good job. you just need to be more aware of what kinds of snacks your eating. But, thanks for all the exercise.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Life without snacking

I am already in despair. No snacks, nothing. Just the thought makes me feel deprived. I will have to make very filling meals pasta, mealoaf etc., but I will still be deprived. Maybe we will go out to dinner for two nights, a late dinner so I don't have to think about snacks till morning. I am addicted to snacks more than I knew. Two days without doublestuff oreos; I am going to die. My days are going to be so very long with no treats.

Dear brand new unopened box of cheez-its . I was planning on opening you tomorrow at the latest, I am sorry that I will not be able to devour your cheesy contents for TWO DAYS!

Its finally Saturday, two days of snack deprivation is over. I have rewarded myself with four Doublestuff Oreos by 9:30. I really did not think I was going to make it.

Time/Where I am/What I am doing
* After breakfast 2 hours before lunch, thinking about a nice snack
* Around 1:00pm, just came in from outside, going to take a nice hot bath.
* Its 7 pm, watching TV in the living room.
* Its 11 am, at the grocery store, not buying snacks.
* 7 am, kitchen, doing dishes
* 3 pm, in the kitchen preparing meatballs for dinner.
* 8pm, watching tv, in the living room.
How I'm feeling/what I need want
* feel good but I really want a snack
* I feel hot and would like to have a nice bowl of ice cream.
*  really feel deprived, I don't need to diet, I deserve a treat
*  Seeing alot of treats at the store, what will-power I must have (as it will be short-lived)
* I feel like its going to be a long day, I want this to be over soon.
* I feel annoyed at myself for putting so much thought into snacks.
* This is hardest when your watching tv or something similar and want to munch on something.
What do I do/ Eat instead of snacking? Why? How does it compare? If nothing why?
* I did more gardening than usual as it is an active way to spend time. I was so busy that snacking was not something I was thinking about.
* Doing more knitting than usual. I might finally finish this scarf, definitely keeps my hands busy and not in the chip bag.

* Working alot on a crocheted blanket for a christmas present, like knitting it keeps my hands busy.

*Doing more garedening but I really am building up an appetite. Good thing were having meatballs for dinner tonight,

* Doing quite a bit of reading, Just ordered two new books on Amazon, not sure if this was do to lack of snacking but I am pretty sure it was.

How do you feel without snacking? Describe the difference physically and emotionally.

*Snacking sometimes feels like wanting something just because its there. I am annoyed that I feel physically great, I don't need to have a snack but I need to have one. Emotionally my mind keeps telling me to get something sweet to eat and I don't know why. I never realized the emotional pull my mind has regarding food and snacking. Physically I have eaten what my body needs, why does it ask for more?
I am thinking that if I were allowed to have a snack I would want something rich and wonderful, not just plain popcorn (the "allowed" snack). So it can't be just the idea of putting something in your mouth. It has to be something deeper but I do not know what that is. Without snacking I feel like my appetite has increased. I know this is just an emotional response to being deprived. I feel like a kid being told no and not really understanding why.

A:  Who's idea was it that we should have only 3 square meals a day? Snacking keeps my energy up between meals. It keeps me from feeling hungry and deprived.  A "good" snack such as cottage cheese is great, I love it, but sometimes it has to be something rich and chocolate. I feel so cheated if I can't have the snack I want.

B:  I really miss Doublestuff Oreos, cheese nips, special k vanilla crisp bars and ice cream. They made me feel good inside, if only for a short time. I know I was "a bit" grumpy without my snacks, and I was a bit short with people; not good, and that was in just two days. I did not like feeling this way, its not like me at all.

C:  I reach for protein bars, peanut butter and yogurt when I want a protein snack. I have not found anything that would replace them. They seem to give me energy which I can't get from cookies and ice cream.

D:  Peanut butter is my favorite protein snack. I can eat it in a variety of ways on crackers, in protein bars on a sandwich. Its always there for me - a jar is always in the cabinet waiting for my visit. it never disappoints me I never have to look for it.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Day In The Life Of My Mouth

Time/ Where I am / Who I'm With: 6:30 am kitchen alone. What i'm putting in my mouth:  Pepperidge farm original toast with land o lakes butter. Hot tea with cream and sugar.
 How i'm feeling before/during/after: Hungry, satisfied, full. Why did I choose that? Did not want eggs
Time/ Where I am / Who I'm With: 10;15am dining room alone.What i'm putting in my mouth:
Yoplait original french vanilla yogurt. How i'm feeling before/during/after: still hungry, satisfied, need something crunchy. Why did I choose that? Quick and easy tastes like a treat

Time/ Where I am / Who I'm With:1:00 pm kitchen alone. What i'm putting in my  mouth: peanut butter & jelly sandwich; Jif creamy peanut butter and Welch's grape jelly on pepperidge farm original bread. Glass of crystal light lemonade.  How i'm feeling before/during/after:Not really hungry, did not finish sandwich.Why did I choose that? Lunch foods that I had.
Time/ Where I am / Who I'm With: 3:00 den alone What i'm putting in my mouth: two mini bags of whole wheat fig newtons cookies. How i'm feeling before/during/after: Have the munchies, just eating, a bit stuffed. Why did I choose that? needed something sweet.

Time/ Where I am / Who I'm With: 5:15 pm going out to dinner with family  What i'm putting in my mouth: Jack Daniels sampler and iced tea @ TGI Fridays  How i'm feeling before/during/after: very very satisfied, very happy and full. Why did I choose that? Its my favorite dinner.

It looks like I like to munch on a variety of things. I seem to eat when I want and what I want, although I don't eat alot of something; usually. I am happy with my breakfast and dinner choices, I should have had an egg for breakfast with my toast. And I never have regrets over TGI Fridays dinner. I should have had a peach instead of the cookies; but I would still be craving something sweet, so I would have then eaten the cookies and the peach! So I guess I would not have changed anything. I guess thtas ok as I am not on a diet.