Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dear ____, this is your body talking!

 Thank you for all the energy you have. The hours you spend in the garden give me strength. Not to mention your walks on the rail trail two to three times a week. All the running around you do with the kids keeps us pretty fit.
  I know you really try to eat good foods, yogurt, cheeses, protein bars, peanut butter and milk. But you really should try to cut back on the cookies and chips. They are not that good for you in the amounts that you eat. I know you really like Special K protein bars, try having one of those instead of four or five cookies.
  All in all your doing a pretty good job. you just need to be more aware of what kinds of snacks your eating. But, thanks for all the exercise.


  1. Love the letter! What would your body say about how it feels when you feed it snacks with protein in them vs. cookies and chips?

  2. Did you just eat a cliff protein bar, it is isn't it! We have a busy day and now we won't crash when the sugar high from the cookies wears off. Better bring a protein bar with you today so your not tempted to buy cookies. Thanks